All about Cleansing Brushes

The concept of cleansing brushes is pretty new in India, and while few options are available in the market, they cost on the higher end,. There are few options available on Amazon, however,  they are wither lesser known brands or don’t have sufficient reviews to support our purchase decisions. So here I am bringing in the list of cleansing brushes available in the Indian market I will categorize them in the high, mid, budget categories.

Please note I will only be including the options which can be purchased in India and from trustworthy sources

High-End Cleansing Brushes

FOREO Luna™ Mini 2 Facial Cleansing Device

This one is a new entry in the Indian market and costs the highest at INR 14430. This is silicon-based and hence gentle on skin. Foreo brushes are available in India on online stores of Sephora NNow or offline in Sephora stores. These are USB charged and last up to 5 months from one full charge. These can be used with any cleanser with an exception for clay, silicon, and exfoliating ones. They also have other variations available in Foreo range, FOREO Luna™ Play Facial Cleansing Device – All Skin Types which costs INR 4440 and lasts up to 100 uses and FOREO LUNA 2 Cleansing And Anti-Aging Device – Combination Skin which is similar to Foreo Luna 2 and can be used as an anti-aging cleansing device. However, this one costs the highest at INR 19160.

The advantage of Luna Foreo brushes is that these are a one-time investment and being rechargeable, they avoid any further spending on batteries or spare brushes.

Clinique Sonic System Purifying Cleansing Brush

Clinique cleansing brushes can be compared with globally available Clarisonic. These retail for INR 12500 and are heavy on the pocket. However, Clinique is the best bet when it comes to a sensitive skin type. I will highly recommend going to the store and check once before investing in one, These also works on recharge mechanism rather than batteries.

Mid-range Cleansing Brushes

Braun 810 Face Mini Epilator + Cleansing Brush

This one is mainly an epilator, however, Braun does add a cleansing brush head with this. This one retails for INR 4900. But mostly it is available on lower prices during the sale. In case you are planning to get this, I will suggest waiting for the sale and you are sure to get a striking deal. This one runs on battery and let me warn you, it eats up battery like anything if you are using it regularly for epilating as well as daily cleansing. You will also need to invest in new brush heads every 3 months and the regular ones are generally available on a discounted price and tend to vary between INR 500- 600.

Oriflame SkinPro Cleansing System

Oriflame is an understated brand when it comes to skincare. The cleansing brush retails for INR 3199. I have not used this one personally, however, it does have good reviews. It runs on AA batteries and brush heads are difficult to find.  It is available on Amazon as well on a discounted price.

Budget range Cleansing Brushes

HealthSense FB 09 Pure Skin Electric Facial Cleansing Brush

Healthsense is a well-known name in the world of health-related machines, especially weighing scales. But they have done a good job on the cleansing brush as well and priced at INR 999. It comes with a regular brush and other silicon brush head and runs on AA batteries. The brush heads are easily available as well.

Vega VHFC-01 Facial Cleanser

Vega is the only one which offers USB charging in the budget range cleansing brushes. This one comes 3 brush heads and is available at a price of INR 1999. However, it is mostly available on the sale at a discount price of INR 1615. It comes in a handy carry case and hence easier to store. Finding brush heads is challenging, however, see if other brand brush heads fit.

The Minimal Approach to Makeup

Are you someone who does not want to sacrifice all your sleep just to get ready for the day. Well, I have got you covered.

The first and foremost rule to look good is obviously to be comfortable in your own skin. Though there is no harm in taking care of yourself and allocating those 5 mins to look presentable.

To start with, begin your day with warm water, This just helps to detoxify your skin and cleanse the system,  My mantra is to eat clean, drink loads of water and invest more in skincare than makeup.

Try using a good cleanser suiting your skin type, followed by a toner, moisturizer, and sunscreen. My personal favourites are Clinique moisture surge and Nivea soft creme. They both help make skin baby soft. Any skin type needs a moisturizer to maintain the skin balance, so oily skin girls, don’t miss out on these. SPF is another crucial thing which many of us miss out, citing reasons like it leaves a white cast, or make us more sweaty. The reason is, not selecting the right sunscreen. Try selecting a sunscreen of gel formulation to avoid oil or sweat, As long as the white cast is concerned, apply sunscreen 20 min before leaving and that white cast will go away by the time you are ready to conquer the world.


For makeup, you can opt for a primer followed by a light company and you are good to go. It is always good to go light on base or a daily basis. Among others you can opt for Kajal, liner or lipstick if you are used to, and here you are ready to go and shine out in the world.

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