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Tame your Mane with Bblunt

You are blessed if just shampoo, conditioner, and occasional oiling that works for your healthy tresses. Guess what, those who are not blessed will have to put it little more effort for taming those hairs, In this article, I will be reviewing the Bblunt Repair remedy range and also share few tips from my personal hair care routine.

I am someone who has been blessed with great hair in the past however the humidity in Mumbai weather and some hormonal imbalance have lead to frizzy and dry hair which is difficult to maintain, I am always looking out for products and remedies that can hydrate my hair and keep it moisturized. Yes, moisture is as important for hair as for our skin.

My work schedule allows me very less time for natural remedies however I do load up on curd mask for my hair every other weekend and it is a wonderful way to maintain the luscious locks for dry tresses.

I discovered BBlunt as a brand around 3 years back and started with their Born again range to tame my frizzy hair and later switched to the Intense moisture range and have been a regular user for same for last 2 years.

Recently I have been facing some hair fall and while searching for some new product came across the new Repair remedy range by BBlunt. And here I was ordering the entire range of shampoo, conditioner, and leave-in serum. The products have ingredients like keratin and Argan oil which help in restoring the protein in the hair and provide the moisture lost due to pollution, heat styling products, chemical treatments, etc.

I have been using this particular range for the last 1 month and have definitely seen some reduction. The range is also suitable for frizzy hair as I have one and did not feel any frizz in my hair after washing.

In case you are looking for some change in your hair care routine, do give this a try and share your experiences in the comments. The products can be purchased from the BBlunt website as well as




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