Guide to buy a classic little black dress

We often read in fashion magazines that a classic LBD is a must. Well, dressing classic is all about staples. So, let’s take about the few things you must look you for while picking out that perfect LBD for you.


Pick a length most flattering to your height, Go to Pinterest for some inspirations and guidance before going on a voyage to look out for your perfect LBD

Sleeve Length

Look for a comfortable sleeve length, as per your liking and something that suits you. You will definitely be able to figure that out by trying out a few pieces in the outlet.


Now, this is a very important factor while looking out for that perfect LBD. With a plethora of options available in the market, look for something which highlights your strong body parts and camouflages the problem areas.

Brands to Look out for

I am also going to suggest a few brands from my experience, where you can find a range of options for all body types. Please note that I am not trying to suggest that only branded places can offer good options. However, I do suggest buying a good quality one if you looking to use it as a staple in your wardrobe.

For regular sizes, Only, Lifestyle, Stalkbuylove, and Shein are good options.

For plus sizes, do check out Vero Moda, Marks& Spencers.

Shein and StalkBuylove also stock on some option, however, I have found limited collection issue in StalkBuyLove and Shein being not true to size. I have personally not tried Shein so my comments are purely based on reviews from multiple bloggers however buying after seeing the reviews about size can be bought as users do submit reviews from the size perspective as well.

For users not having access to these brands, check out Mytra and lifestyle online store for the above brands.

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